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One of the core missions of Hard Talks In Hardhats is to break down stigma around mental health in the construction industry. And the way to do that? Normalize being open, being honest, and being vulnerable about our mental health and our experiences in construction industry. So, we want to hear from you! Share your stories, your experiences, and help us show all our fellow tradesmen that they aren’t alone. Together, we can break down the stigma and build stronger bonds with each other!

If you want to share your story with us, send an email titled “HTHH Story” to, or send a message to us on Facebook Messenger or Twitter with a picture of yourself, your trade, and your story!

“Man there has been so many times where I’ve gotten close to someone I work with , and completely missed the signs that they were going through some internal issues. There has also been times where I’ve spoke up and offered some advice , and sometimes even became really good friends with them . On a number of occasions I even invited a lot of these guys to church with me . Having and building a relationship with god lead me out of some very dark times , and that’s always my way of trying to share that with others . For myself , there’s definitely a truck load of issues I have with myself as far as overthinking and obsessive behaviors and habits , but I’ve never really had the time or courage to speak out too much about it , especially seek out some kind of group or counseling to deal with it . The electrical trade is filled with a lot of badasses and hardcore people , and there’s not a lot of fellowship among us , outside of the typical “let’s grab some beers after work” kind of get together. But I did notice that when I was able to open up to co-workers , and more so to have them open up to me , that when I would just automatically give them advice from the heart , that most times it was like I was gaining a new perspective on my own problems and issues . I can specifically recall a couple of conversations with a particular coworker/friend where man I was giving him the business, And in the back of my head I kept thinking “why don’t I follow my own advice man this is good stuff” ! . So for someone to be outwardly promoting some kind of support system for people on social media about anxiety and depression Amongst us in the construction trade I think it’s awesome and can’t wait to get involved in so many other kinds of discussions . Addressing mental health is huge , and there’s so many stories about addiction and burn out , and endless conversations that need to happen about that , and I’m all about sharing my experiences with those as well when the opportunity arises.”
-Dave V., Electrician, Texas
My names Travis and I’m a glazier in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve always felt sort of out of place in the construction field. I love my job and all, but, in lack of better words, it’s always seemed like a “normie” dominated field.
I was diagnosed with manic bipolar depression, as well as borderline personality disorder in 2012. In 2016 I made an attempt on my life.
Being diagnosed took a huge weight off my shoulders (now I know why I’m almost always sad) but it made me feel like more of an outsider looking in on everyday life. Getting into the construction field only amplified that. Talking about your feelings isn’t exactly the way of life in this career.
I have noticed that the few times a touchy subject comes up, it gets shut down pretty fast. Maybe that’s just my crew. Recently we had a coworker pass away, and no one talks about it.
I’ve always found that having those hard talks is the real sign of strength, not staying quiet or burying it down.
I’m glad this group exists, it’s cool to know we’re not alone out here 🤘🏼
-Travis W., glazier, Ohio
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