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    • Welcome to the Hard Talks In Hardhats Forum
      The goal of this forum is another one of the main missions of Hard Talks In Hardhats- to help build a community for those of us in the construction industry to have a space to be vulnerable and talk about mental health issues we experience in the field. One of the reasons I wanted a forum on this site is because I know how it is sometimes, talking about mental health- they're hard conversations, and there can be a legitimate fear of how people might look at you after you've opened up sometimes. That's why I wanted a forum on the website- so maybe, if you want or need to talk but are afraid of others on your facebook, twitter, reddit, whatever, seeing it- this forum here could be a place to work up to that. This forum is for all of us, whatever trade you might be, to help build each other up, show everyone that nobody is in this alone, and help take on mental health- TOGETHER.
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    • 1 year, 9 months ago